Prepare for

Are you
jungle tough?

Prepare for

Are you jungle tough?

Village visits are rugged and rewarding. You'll be in unfamiliar surroundings with little to no electricity and only your team will speak your language. Because of this you will rely heavily on field managers and tribal translators. When you're in the village, meals will be provided by our trekking guides and will consist mostly of rice, chicken, fruit and vegetables.

Apply your skill set and training during your village visits. Some of our villages are also elephant sanctuaries, you will get to spend time in elephant villages caring for the gentle giants of the jungle. You'll apply your skillset during the day, enjoy casual time with village families in the afternoon, then relax overnight with your field team.

The field teams return to the city by afternoon leaving plenty of time to talk about your experiences with new friends.


Are you somebody that's comfortable talking to people? We need you to help take survey information in the villages. You will assist our field guides who will translate and help with what you need in a place you won't believe!

Photo / Video

Are you somebody with a passion for photography or videography? We invite you to shoot in an exotic locale with amazing subject matter in Northern Thailand hill tribe villages. Your trip will inspire you for years to come.


Are you a writer? We would love for you to write about your time with Jungle Water in amazing Northern Thailand. Tell everybody about your adventures with hill tribes in a place most can only imagine!

Public Health

Do you have a passion for teaching and a taste for adventure? If you're interested in health care or education Jungle Water can give you the experience you seek in an exotic location you'll love.

Construction & Design

Have you ever played with Tinker Toys or Legos? Then you can build jungle tough water filters  in Chiang Mai and deliver them to remote villages! Get the adventure you seek while helping an under-served demographic.

Social Media

Are you a social media junkie? Help us spread the word about Jungle Water through your experience in amazing Northern Thailand. Show everybody your adventures in a place you and they have only dreamed about!