Take the first step

The journey is worth it

Take the first step

The journey is worth it


Be around the light bringers, the magic makers, the world shifters, the game shakers.  They don't let you play small with your life, these heartbeats are your people. These people are your tribe.


We are dedicated to giving you the hands-on experience, training and cultural immersion you're looking for. Team Thailand does the gritty work of our organization and Team America holds down our home base, managing our corporate paperwork and standing by to answer any questions you have.

Mr Rip

Rip Verniero

Executive Director

Rip has a solid background in both white and blue collar industries. He built power lines in the mountains of Colorado for ten years and  got his BS in Computer Science in 1993.  He went to work for a small manufacturing firm in Tampa, FL and moved from programming to system administration. He worked in the financial industry for twenty years before moving to Thailand and finding his true passion, giving clean water to people in need.


Lynn Verniero

Program Director

Lynn has over 25 years of experience in the fields of healthcare and education. An advocate for rights of the disabled since 1985, she's championed causes of inclusion and empowerment and continues that work for the hill tribes today. A certified TEFL teacher, Lynn engaged headmen, locals and volunteers while working in remote villages with the Christopher Robert Project.


P' Shane

General Manager

A good friend of the co-founders, P' Shane is General Manager and the liaison between Thai government officials and project directors. He is responsible for hiring auxiliary Thai staff and fostering relationships with local businesses. He spends time in the community monitoring projects and ensuring the goals of the Christopher Robert Project are met. He has a very strong grasp of the English language making him a perfect fit for this position.



P' Golf


A long time friend of the Directors,  P' Golf is the General Manager for the Jungle Water campus.  Originally from Bangkok, he was a successful business man in Chiang Mai.  With his finger on the pulse of what's going on in the company, he makes sure everything is in excellent working condition.  As a prior business owner he knows who to contact should any  issue come up. This makes P' Golf the Director's go-to guy for campus operations.

Mr Kai

P' Kai

Construction & Delivery

One of the Directors oldest friends in Chiang Mai, P' Kai is the Construction & Delivery Manager. He oversees construction of the CR-BSF and leads you in the villages during filter deliveries. P' Kai knows his way around the jungle and is very familiar with the village lifestyle. With his love for the villages and his belief that an organic lifestyle starts with organically filtered water, he is a perfect fit for Jungle Water.

Mr Em

P' Em

Food & Beverage

The Directors met P' Em on their very first trip to Chiang Mai. He accompanied them on a grueling four hour trek in 2011 to the Lahu village of Koob Kub which led to the founding of the Christopher Robert Project.  Previously a successful restaurateur in Chiang Mai, as our Food & Beverage Manager P' Em will make sure you get plenty of delicious Thai food all made with fresh local ingredients, always including a vegetarian option.


Billy Pressley

Joint Operations

Billy is a trusted friend of co-founder Rip, working together in the IT field many years. A supporter of the Christopher Robert Project since the beginning, he  is responsible for the organization's USA/Thailand joint operations.


Jorge Salazar

USA Community Outreach

Jorge has worked closely with the executive team for several years promoting the Christopher Robert Project's mission. He inspires corporate partnerships and engages future Jungle Water program participants.


Alisson Baya

Public Health

Alisson is a graduate from the University of Virginia with a BA in Biology and Anthropology. She works with international projects focusing on public health in indigenous communities. Alisson leads the public health field team.


Alex Salazar

USA Business Services

Alex is a long time supporter of the project and is responsible for the project's USA Business Services division. The primary responsibility of Business Services  is to ensure documentation is up to date and compliant with USA law.